Yesterday we went to the Drowners’ concert at Studio RJ, here in Rio, I don’t need to repeat how perfect it was, right? The band is incredibly pleasant, charismatic and they talk to everybody. They really give attention to all fans.

The night started really well with one of the members, Lakis Pavlou, walking outside to smoke a cigarrette and staring at us with a “please, be my groupies” expression, but until then everybody was still a bit shy, so he just said “Hi” and it was enough. We got in, we took pics with Matthew Hitt and Jack Ridley, both incredibly nice and polite; also, Jack took a pic with me on his camera and I gotta look for that later. Anyway, the first band’s show started, very good by the way, Glass and Glue, everyone should look for it and listen to the songs (soon I’ll post pics of them too). Their music going on and when we look to our side, Jack was dancing, really excited, shouting and singing aside with his famous "auuuuw". Done the first show, they got up there. Drowners would start to play. Their show was simply perfect, the band was interacting with the public, chatting between songs, Jack got up on the bar’s counter and played there, then he came back, Matt was smiling all the time, so were Lakis and Erik. We sang, we danced, we had fun like I’ve never had before in a show. Matt and Jack even gave the public some Jack Daniel’s shots in their mouths, luckily, in mine too.

The show ended and the band got up to the dressing room, even they need some rest, right. But after a while they all came back, they all talked to the fans. They signed my shirt, took a million pics, chatted, drank, danced, it was one of the most beautiful attitudes I’ve ever seen from a band, honestly. We took pics like groupies and I don’t regret it, I even got a kiss on the cheek. Inclusively, Erik was kinda happy with it. In the end, I have NOTHING to complain about, not about the nightclub, nor the owners, nor the DJs, nor the drinks, nor the bands, nothing, because with no doubt, it was perfect.

I just want to thank the band, for all the love and care, for the pics and the attention. And even though Pete insisted that “he’s not a member from the band” and he didn’t give us an autograph, I told him and I repeat that, he’s part of the band just like everyone else there. Without him, the Drowners wouldn’t be here, my night wouldn’t be perfect and I wouldn’t be able to say that it was, by far, one of the best nights of my life.

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